The goal of the ISB Working Group in Motor Control is to provide a forum to highlight and foster the increased interest in scientific work that bridges the fields of Motor Control and Biomechanics.

The group was established as a Seed Group affiliated with the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) at the XXIV Congress of ISB in Natal (Brazil), in 2013. It was recognized as a Working Group of ISB at the XXV Congress of ISB in Glasgow in 2015.

The Motor Control Seed Group organizes symposia and meetings during ISB congresses to bring together ISB members and Biomechanists around the world to display their work and advance the understanding and application of Motor Control.


Carlo J. De Luca, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Boston University
President and CEO, Delsys Inc.

Executive Board Members

Dr. Paola Contessa
Delsys Inc, USA
Prof. Walter Herzog
University of Calgary, Canada
Prof. Jim Richards
University of Central Lancashire, UK